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No matter what kind of Oakville Homes for Sale you're looking for, there are some key features to consider. I always remind my clients that knowing what you want in an Oakville Home for Sale is as important as the type of dwelling and the area you choose. As one of RE/MAX's Oakville Real Estate Agents, I will ask many questions before the hunt begins.

Where will your family spend most of its time? Kitchens are a popular family gathering area. Make sure your prospective kitchen can handle the traffic. You may also want an eat-in kitchen or one with a breakfast nook, allowing you to keep the dining room for special occasions. Oakville Real Estate Agents will want to show you Oakville Homes for Sale that are the best fit for you.

How much bedroom space do you need? Some people prefer small, plentiful rooms to house children, frequent guests or a home office. Others prefer fewer, larger rooms. Of course, if your budget permits, many large rooms would probably be ideal! There is the Oakville Home for Sale that meets your needs, and one of RE/MAX's top producing Oakville Real Estate Agents, Ryan Crane will help you find it

Bathrooms are also a major point to consider. How many bathrooms does your family need to handle peak traffic times? Is one enough? (Not likely!) While one per person might be more like it, that dream may not be affordable. Make sure the Oakville Home you're ready to purchase has sufficient bathroom space and that the bathrooms are comfortable. When looking at bathrooms, ask yourself how important a window is for light and fresh air.

Note: Hot water is always a problem with a large family. Remember, most hot water tanks are rented from the utility company. You can always have them upgrade the size of the hot water tank for a minimum cost.

When it's time to relax and entertain, how will your prospective Oakville Homes for Sale meet your needs? Do you want a formal living room, or a room where your family can stretch out and watch television? Do your children need a play area or your teens an entertainment room? Some Oakville homes have a living room and a family room.

Attics and basements can be wonderful storage areas, or can serve as additional living space. If extra space is important, you will want to consider Oakville Homes with a finished basement. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what this means. Take a good look at the workmanship. Was it done by a professional? Do you see yourself redoing a sloppy job? A poorly finished basement can be more work than a completely unfinished area. Some signs to watch out for are moisture along the floor lines and corners of all exterior walls and pungent odours which may also be a sign of moisture, mildew, and/or mold which can be costly to repair. As one of the Oakville Real Estate Agents, Ryan Crane is knowledgeable in this area.

A brief word about closets. Look at the clothes you have now. Add another half, and then look for closet space to hold it all. If you're like most of us, you'll never have enough closet space! Many Oakville Homes For Sale have a good amount of closet space.

Many Oakville Real Estate Agents will tell their clients that the Heating and cooling systems are also key features to consider. When it comes to heat, natural gas, oil and electric furnaces are all options. Older Oakville Homes may even have hot-water radiators. Still other Oakville homes have baseboard heaters. Make sure you find out about the maintenance and condition of the heating system as well as annual operating costs. If you're thinking about air conditioning, think about how expensive it would be to add central air, or if a window unit would suffice. Try to get on to a "Homeowner's Insurance Plan" with the utility company. For a minimum annual fee you have guaranteed regular maintenance and repair.

As you can imagine, all types of Oakville homes have their advantages and drawbacks and no two buyers will have the exact same wants and needs. The only way to truly evaluate which Oakville home is right for you, outside of price, is to consider what you absolutely must have and what you can live without. Once you know what you need, Ryan Crane as your choice of Oakville Real Estate Agents can help you find it.

Before you go house hunting, prepare a list of 'can't live without' features and a list of 'would be great if...' features.

There are two types of costs in buying Oakville homes -- the initial amount you will need for your purchase and the ongoing costs of paying back your mortgage along with monthly operating costs. The largest one-time cost is the down payment. It usually represents 5-10% of the total price of the property.

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Ryan Crane is one of the top producing Oakville Real Estate Agents with Re/Max aboutowne Realty Corp. Brokerage, and you can reach him at (905) 842-7000. He Works throughout the GTA and predominantly in the Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and Oakville Real Estate Markets.


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