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The true test for a buyer is "What else can we buy for the same or lessmoney?" In short, a lender is anyone who will give you money. There are private lenders and institutional lenders, like banks and credit unions. Even your brother-in-law can be your lender. Of course, when you're looking for a lender, you' re looking for a long-term relationship and terms and rates which are beneficial to you. As one of Re/Max's Oakville Real Estate Agents, Ryan Crane can put you in touch with someone at the bank.

You really have a few options. You should go to a mortgage broker who will search the mortgage market for the best rates and conditions based on your circumstances. Usually the broker is paid by the lender without cost to you. However, the cloudier your credit history, the more likely there will be a fee! A good mortgage broker will be connected to all major lenders through the mortgage market. Ryan Crane has many contacts as one of the Oakville Real Estate Agents, and can help you find the right broker.

You can also do your own search. With a good credit history, it's really not that complicated. Pick up your newspaper and you'll see what the different lending institutions are offering. Find the institution you feel you would be most comfortable with, and one that offers the terms and conditions you're looking for. Then, go in person and negotiate your best deal for your new Oakville Homes purchase.

Mortgage Brokers

This is a person who will do the leg work in finding the institution which offers the mortgage terms and conditions that are right for you. Much like an insurance broker, this professional works for you and can offer you an unbiased referral. Although most brokers are paid a finders fee by the lender, some will charge 2% of the total mortgage to find you a lender. Ryan Crane can recommend a Mortgage Broker that works without cost to you as he has many contacts as one of Re/Max's top producing Oakville Real Estate Agents.


A lawyer is there to represent your interest, and to process the documentation required. The legal aspects differ from province to province. Your RE/MAX Oakville Real Estate Agents can recommend lawyers to advise you on the steps to be takenbefore the keys to your new home are presented to you. A lawyer helps ensure you are protected!!!

Home Inspectors

Buying a new Oakville Home for Sale is a huge investment, and as one of Re/Max's Oakville Real Estate Agents, Ryan Crane always recommends that you have the Oakville homes inspected! Whether you make it a condition of purchase or not, having theproperty pre-inspected by a qualified home inspector will give you the added confidence that you've made the right decision. Be very careful to verify the qualifications of your home inspector because there are no government standards or licenses for home inspectors. Some home inspectors in Canada do not have any form of accreditation. For your protection make sure your home inspector is a member of (PACHI) or (OAHI). This is your assurance that they have met their education requirements, have the experience and carry E & O Insurance.

Insurance Brokers

You'll want to make sure your property and valuables will be covered. A broker offers independent advice and can save you time, trouble and money. Plus, the bank will insist that you carry full insurance since your property is used as collateral against your mortgage. Ryan can help you find an insurance broker as part of the value added services he provides as one of the top Oakville Real Estate Agents.

Neighbourhood Features Checklist

Choosing a location depends on where you work, and whether you want to commute as well as on your lifestyle. How close you would like the Oakville Homes you look at to be from various places and services has a major impact on your Oakville homes purchasing decision.

Monthly Expenses

It's great to have a beautiful Oakville homes, but don't invest every penny so that you have no additional funds to enjoy your lifestyle. As we mentioned earlier, your home buying decision must take all factors into account. Be realistic up front. If you begin by overestimating the costs, you're less likely to find yourself in a financial bind down the road. As your Oakville Real Estate Agent, I can show you all Oakville Homes for Sale that are within your budget.

Your Team of Professionals Worksheet

It is essential to have the right people working for you to make it happen. Useful advice and professionalism are key. As an Oakville Real Estate Agent with Re/Max Aboutowne Realty Corp. Ryan Crane believes that professionalism and skill are imperative in helping clients purchase Oakville Homes for Sale.

Home Features Checklist

Being realistic is very important at this stage. You would need to determine which features are absolutely essential and which fall into the 'nice to have' category. Don't forget to give your Oakville Real Estate Agents a copy.

Home Hunting Worksheet

There is a limit to how much one can remember and when you're home hunting, there are lots of details that are crucial when it's decision time. As a real estate agent in Oakville, Ryan Crane recommends that you bring along a notepad to help with the search for your perfect home from all the Oakville Homes for Sale.

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Ryan Crane is an Oakville Real Estate Agent with Re/Max aboutowne Realty Corp. Brokerage, and you can call him at (905) 842-7000. He Works throughout the GTA and predominantly in the Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and Oakville Real Estate Markets.


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