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Oakville Real Estate Agents description of buying an Oakville Home

Oakville Real Estate Agents

What Can I Afford?

  • Typical One-time Expenses:
  • Mortgage application and appraisal fee
  • Property inspection (optional), due at time of inspection
  • Legal fees, due at the time of closing
  • Legal disbursements, due at the time of closing
  • Property survey (sometimes provided by seller), due at the time of closing
  • Land transfer, deed tax or property purchase tax, due at the time of closing.(in Quebec within three months following signing)
  • Mortgage interest adjustment (if applicable), due at the time of closing
  • Home and property insurance, at closing and ongoing
  • Moving expenses, due on the date of move
  • PST on High Ratio mortgages
  • Realty Tax Holdback
  • Typical Monthly Expenses:
  • Mortgage payments
  • Maintenance (this could be condominium fees, or allocatedmaintenance fees)
  • Property and content insurance
  • Property taxes
  • Utilities

Your Team and Their Roles

An Oakville Real Estate Agents a professional who can save you time and trouble. And possibly even a lot of money. You see, Oakville real estate agents have the home buying experience most people lack. They know all of the steps and they are good negotiators who will work on your behalf.

Your Oakville Real Estate Agents will:

  • Fine-tune your wants/needs list
  • Get special computer access to listing information
  • Screen houses so as not to waste your time
  • Arrange appointments
  • Offer helpful advice about the neighbourhood
  • Introduce you to trusted contacts who should be on your team, such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, and home inspectors.
  • Above all, find an Oakville Real Estate Agent who is a professional in the type of home you're looking for. A country home professional may not be the urban market specialist you need. And when speaking with your Oakville Real Estate Agent , be as clear as possible about your needs.

When looking for Oakville Real Estate Agents, consider RE/MAX. RE/MAX associates are the industry's top producers. They're the cream of the real estate crop.


If you've decided to do some renovations on your home to make it more sellable, it's time to look for a credible contractor. Before anyone begins work on your Oakville homes, it is important to do your homework.

1. Ask for Referrals

  • Your architect will make recommendations
  • Your RE/MAX Oakville Real Estate Agents can offer some suggestions
  • Contact friends or neighbours who have had similar work done
  • Ask at your local builder supply store

When you're interviewing contractors, ensure their credibility. Contact their references. Ask to see some samples of thecontractor's work and speak to his clients to ensure that they were satisfiedwith the price, length of time in which the project was completed and overall,how the project was handled. Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau. Your Oakville Real Estate Agents may also be able to suggest a contractor.

Once you have the names of a few contractors that look promising, arrange to get estimates from them. By arranging for three quotes you'll get a good idea of the costs and quality of work.

When going over the project with your contractor, ensurethat he understands your needs and your budget. Each contractor will have adifferent idea on how to approach the work and they should inspect your home before giving an estimate. If contractors are bidding based on an architect's plans, be certain that they have detailed their approach to the job based on the drawings.

What's more, if there is a significant difference in the price, ask the contractors to explain their estimates. And keep in mind thatthe lowest price is not always the best. A price that's too low may mean thatthe contractor has undercut to get the project and then may submit additional project costs once the project is underway. As well, a high price doesn't always mean that you're getting gouged. The contractor may have budgeted forhigher quality materials and may offer workmanship that is of an overall better quality.

In every case, before you sign the contract, be certain thatit is as detailed as possible to the point of noting the specific finishes andbrand names of the products to be installed.

2. Evaluating a Quotation

  • Are the specific details of the project outlined?
  • Are the specific costs detailed?
  • Is there a provision for extra costs?
  • Has a cap been set for the total project?
  • Is there a firm project timeline?
  • Has the contractor allotted time for inspections?
  • Have you indicated that you wish to see all materialreceipts?
  • Will the work be subcontracted?


Hiring an appraiser to appraise the value of the Oakville Homes for Sale that you are considering to buy may seem sensible but it is highly unnecessary. Your lender will want their own personal appraiser anyway, so you could be wasting valuable money. As well, most RE/MAX Oakville Real Estate Agents are competent and can do a "Comparative Market Analysis" for you, to establish avalue range. The only situation where hiring an appraiser would become necessary is where the property is unusual with no comparable sales.

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Ryan Crane is a Real Estate Agent in Oakville with Re/Max aboutowne Realty Corp. Brokerage, and you can reach him at (905) 842-7000. Ryan works throughout the GTA and predominantly in the Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and Oakville Real Estate Markets.


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