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If you are looking for a rental property, and you are planning to live there for at least one year, then this is for you.

This MLS search tool gives you access to absolutely everything currently available FOR RENT in the Real Estate Boards MLS System, and it’s in real time. You will get instant access to all of the freshest new listings as they hit the market, hours, and often days before they might show up on any other website.

How exactly does it work, and what do I get?

Once you input your search criteria, you will receive an automated email giving you access to your own personal database of rental properties that contains the full MLS listing of every property that is currently available FOR RENT, and is relevant to your search.

You can access, and manage your personal database any time. You can also organize your listings. You can save some as favourites, mark others as possibilities, discard the ones you don’t like, etc. You’re in control of the information.

Your personal database of rental properties is also updated automatically in real time, so your information is always current and up to date. The second a new listing comes up that matches your criteria, you’ll receive an email letting you know that there’s a new listing in your database. You can access and view all of your listings from anywhere you normally receive email, including your iPhone or Blackberry.


* Every email you receive from this website contains an unsubscribe link, so you can easily cancel this service any time with a single click.