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Oakville Homes

The 'Oakville Real Estate market' offers a wide variety of Freehold and Condo Townhomes. Condo Townhomes differ from Freehold Townhomes, or Attached/Row homes as they are also commonly referred to in several ways, but the most important distinction comes down to the land that the home is situated on. In the case of a Condo Townhome, it will usually have an address such as ‘123 Any Street Unit 45’ and be situated within a complex on private property. A Freehold Townhome will have an address such as ‘123 Any Street’ and be situated on a municipal road. The homeowner owns the land and is fully responsible for maintaining the exterior of the home and the property.

With a Condo Townhome, while the home itself is owned, the land that it is situated on, including the yard, driveway, and roads are owned collectively by all of the unit owners and are known as the ‘common elements’. Each homeowner pays a monthly maintenance fee to cover the cost of maintaining of the common elements. Maint. fees can range anywhere from around $70 up to $500 or more in some cases. What is included in the maint. fee can vary widely from one complex to another. In some cases is just covers the basics like snow removal from the road, while in others cases it can cover everything including maintaining the exterior of the home, yard maintenance, and clearing snow from the walkway and driveway.

There are usually rules that govern what you can do to the outside of the home, including restrictions on paint colours, the fencing of yards, to what you can plant in the yard. Again, this will vary widely from one complex to another.

Condo Townhomes in the 'Oakville Real Estate' market make up about 8% of all of the 'Oakville homes' that sell in a typical month, and range in price from around $240 000 at the entry level up to around $800 000 or more at the high end. Currently the average price of a Condo Townhome in Oakville is $386 140 while the Median price is $332 750. Condo townhomes cater to a wide variety of buyers. They can offer entry to the market for a first time buyer as the most affordable option, to a lifestyle choice for the most affluent buyer.

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