Online Market Evaluation  //  FAQ’s

Oakville Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis

Q. Why do I need a CMA to help me determine my homes value. Why can’t I just go to a site like and compare my house the ones that are for sale.

A. Sites like are good for browsing through property listings but they do not contain all of the homes that are currently for sale, and do not give you all the information that you need. Trying to come up with a value for your home based only on what is currently for sale can often mislead you. What a home is listed for, and what it may actually sell for, can often be two different things. Public access sites do not give you the SOLD prices. It is very important for you to compare your home, to similar houses that have actually SOLD recently, to determine a realistic value.

Q. Why don’t I just sign up for the neighbourhood watch tool available within this site instead of the CMA?

A. The neighbourhood watch tool in this site is an excellent resource for keeping up to date with what is currently FOR SALE, and what SELLS in your neighbourhood, but it is not designed to help you determine your homes current value.  Since the CMA is a one-time email report, feel free to also sign up for the neighbourhood watch tool if you would like to stay informed with this service as well.

Q. Why do I have to leave my email address and receive the Comparative Market Analysis by email? Why can’t I just see the information right now from this site?

A. Because the Comparative Market Analysis you receive contains MLS listings that are not available to the general public through any public access system. You are receiving actual MLS listings directly from the different real estate boards MLS systems. [Listings come straight from the Oakville/Milton District Real Estate Board (OMDREB), the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), and the Realtors Association of Hamilton and Burlington (RAHB)]

Q. Why do you need my name and my street address?

A. Your name is required because you are going to be receiving MLS listings that contain the SOLD prices directly from the Real Estate Boards MLS system. This information can only be made available to you, because you have requested it, and as an Oakville Real Estate Agent, Ryan is able to provide it to you as per your request.

Providing an accurate street address allows Ryan to see a photo of the outside of your home. (The land registry office website that real estate agents can access contains an exterior photo of every house in the GTA) Seeing an exterior photo helps Ryan to ensure that the MLS listings you receive, of all the houses that are FOR SALE, and that have SOLD, are the most comparable to your home.

Q. I do want to know what my home is worth, but I am really not sure if I even want to move, and I am not ready to talk to anyone right now. If I leave my information, will Ryan start calling me?

A. No. All of the information requested by this website is necessary to prepare an accurate CMA. Ryan is not attempting to trap you into leaving your information so that he can try to solicit your business. Ryan will simply provide you with the information that you have requested. That’s it. No Catch. No Strings Attached.

Q. If there’s no catch, and Ryan won’t try to solicit business from me, then why is he willing to provide this service?

A. Ryan is an Oakville Real Estate agent with Re/Max that has an extensive knowledge of Milton, Burlington and Oakville Real Estate, and he has been in the business for 19 years.  In that time, he has learned that providing a wide range of quality services will ultimately help him to expand his business.  While he will not contact you, it is his hope that when you are ready to speak to an Oakville Real Estate agent, that you may consider contacting him. That’s all.