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Oakville Homes

Ryan joined Re/Max in 1996 and has been working full time as a professional Realtor ever since. In 1998 he received his first award for excellence from Re/Max International.  That would be the first of 13 consecutive years of award winning service. In 2006 Ryan was honoured with one of Re/Max Internationals highest awards - Membership in the ‘Re/Max Hall of Fame’.  

Now working in his 16th year, as an 'Oakville Real Estate agent', between 50% and 70% of his annual business comes from all the people that he has helped in the past, coming back to him again, or recommending him to their friends, family and colleagues. Those numbers say a lot more about the results that Ryan is getting for his clients, and the quality of the service he provides, than any of the awards he has won. People simply do not come back to you, or introduce you to the people that they care about, unless you have done an exceptional job for them.

Ryan has an extensive knowledge of 'Oakville Real Estate' and over the last 15 years has worked far and wide throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). As an 'Oakville Real Estate Agent', Ryan works predominantly in the Milton, Burlington, Mississauga and 'Oakville Real Estate' markets. If you are trying to find an Oakville home for sale, this is where you want to start. There is more information available on homes for sale in Oakville than you can find anywere else.

Find out more about Ryan the person and the agent in his profile sections.

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